2 de maio de 2023

Caves & Catacombs: A Solo Dungeon Crawler

Caves & Catacombs: A Solo Dungeon Crawler

Caves & Catacombs is a solo dungeon crawling game in which you’ll venture into long-forgotten places, populated by fantastic creatures and filled with treasures and dangerous traps.

This game is based on Advanced Aventuras Heróicas (Solo), my print-and-play and expanded version of Aventuras Heróicas, a board game published in Brazil in 1991 and heavily inspired by HeroQuest.

Though derived from a 1990s board game, Caves & Catacombs is a game to be played with just pencil, paper and some dice. In fact, the main reason this game exists is to make the experience of those old dungeon crawler games portable and playable solo.

Since there is no need for a game board, there are no rules regarding character movement and positioning. Thus, the game focuses only on exploring a dungeon, fighting enemies and collecting treasures.

Caves & Catacombs is available on itch.io and DriveThruRPG, or — in portuguese — on Bazar Verde.

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